Roanoke County Sends ICLEI Packing!



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ICLEI is Just The Tip of the Iceberg

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So ICLEI was voted out of Roanoke County? The Liberty blogosphere erupted in joy and I shared their excitement. For just a few minutes.

But I realize two things that temper my excitement about this hard fought victory.

This is a victory of persistence; and just the first victory in a long war. We have effectively modeled the tactics of liberals, who tirelessly beat on an issue until they get their way. I am proud of that, and we need to model this behavior more often. But we need to realize the thought process that lead us to an ICLEI membership is now deeply woven into the fabric of critical long term planning documents used by Roanoke County. Educating people on this larger and more critical issue, and convincing Roanoke County to revise the comprehensive plan for Roanoke is the bigger and more important battle.

Widely speaking, most people still don’t understand the critical issues around sustainable development. It isn’t just the U.N connections of ICLEI (these are crystal clear) but the overall goal of sustainable development and its impact on property rights. The more people understand what the overall ICLEI goals are, the more they will be able to see the issues with the Roanoke County Comprehensive Planning Document.

The long term goal of all sustainable development goals is simple and can be easily verified. It is simply to encourage people to live in clustered developments; where services are all located within walking distance. That would keep you from driving so much. And then that would leave more land to preserve.

That would be fine as a personal choice but your county wants to encourage some choices and discourage others. Just pull up the Comprehensive Plan document; hit Ctrl F on your keyboard and search for how many times the Comprehensive Plan uses the words “encourage” and “discourage.” You will be surprised by how “encouraging” or “discouraging” the current plan can be.

So here is a link to Roanoke County’s Comprehensive plan.

For example Chapter 3/Section 7 states that “the growth management goal is clearly intended to DISCOURAGE development in the rural areas of Roanoke County…”

The same section states that the county should ENCOURAGE development in developed areas that already have county services. The plan ENCOURAGES clustered developments. These are high density population areas, with services close by to discourage car usage.

So the key question here is: How will the county encourage and discourage development in each area? Shouldn’t the owners of property in each area ultimately have the say about how their land is used; not the county?

The comprehensive plan is huge; but we will be highlighting the plan over the coming weeks.

So we encourage you to come on a tour of the Comprehensive Plan of Roanoke County. You don’t have to go to the United Nations building to find sustainable development in action. Just go to your county website.


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Victory in Roanoke County!!

Last night, the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to end funding for membership in the United Nations environmental partner organization known as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). This critical first step was a long time coming. Credit is due to the diligent efforts of a few in our midst who have pressed this issue at Board meetings for a couple years running.

Yes, this was an important victory, but a small one. Let us all remember, that ending the County’s membership in ICLEI doesn’t in any way stop the reckless, wasteful, and fraudulent pursuance of the green agenda by the County government.

Important to note, it was never about the money. $1200 worth of membership dues is peanuts compared to some of the unmitigated nonsense that Roanoke County keeps throwing money at. To cite one example, those idiotic signs at every entrance to the County imploring drivers not to throw their cigarette butts out the window. Notice how County vehicles now proudly sport “The World is not Your Ashtray” stickers right alongside the infamous “Save a Ton” signage? Purely a guess here regarding results of these two different but equally silly ad campaigns… but it’s a safe bet the reduction in the number of cigarette butts tossed out the window is exactly proportional to the number of carbon emissions reduced.

It’s also important to note, that based on their respective remarks, Supervisors McNamara, and Peters sided with Supervisors Church and Bedrosian in this vote, basically because they were tired of hearing about ICLEI. They obviously don’t recognize the inherent danger to property rights from the radical environmentalist agenda, so we should take no comfort nor bear any confidence that either of them would be an ally in defending those rights. Rather than take a stand, they simply wanted to bury this issue. Supervisor Moore, unsurprisingly voted to continue membership and again voiced her unwavering support of ICLEI and all things green. At least we know where she stands.

Enjoy this day though, for after all the ridicule and derision poured out on this, and other organizations who ever dared to speak out against radical environmentalism, it’s a much deserved… Victory.

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Roanoke County, Virginia Voters: Please Choose Wisely For County Supervisor Seats

Roanoke County, Virginia citizens voting on Nov 5th: Please vote for candidates that clearly intend to remove Roanoke County from ICLEI membership. Voting guide: Windsor Hills district: Elswick;  Hollins district: Bedrosian. We have no indication candidate McNamara would pull the ICLEI plug. In fact, when he was previously Supervisor, McNamara voted to initiate ICLEI membership in 2007. It is unclear where candidate Jarrell stands on the ICLEI issue. However, Supervisor Flora has endorsed Jarrell. Flora has been a defender of continued ICLEI membership.



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The Roanoke Livability Plan Enters its Final Stage of Development….(please be a good consensus-building global citizen and have your input)

A new socialist utopia for the Roanoke Valley is likely only a breath away as the RVARC’s climate change arm, the Partnership For a Livable Roanoke Valley, enters their Livable Roanoke Valley Plan’s final development phase. Here global citizens of the Roanoke Valley will be able to participate in the much touted Livable Roanoke Valley Strategy Workshop. The consensus-building Delphi Technique workshops will likely surely amaze. Comrades, we are not far from the goal. Please consider participation at the Roanoke Civic Center on October 29th!


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How One County Withdrew From Their Regional Planning Commission

Here is what three County Commissioners in Ohio recently pushed for and got for their County: Withdrawal from their Regional Planning Commission. Why? Because their Regional Planning Commission was developing plans dipped in the New Regionalism movement that has links to UN Agenda 21.


We’re watching you, Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission and your developing Livable Roanoke Valley Plan.



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A Recent Story ’bout an Unelected Regional Planning Commission’s Push For Bike Paths/Greenways Versus Property Rights

Involving a clash between property rights and an unelected regional planning commission probably pushing to reducing their region’s carbon footprint to help save the planet.  How close are property owners in the Roanoke Valley to a similar scenario as the bike lane / Greenway spreads like a wildfire through the valley?   Gizoogle will now translate this article:


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Taking Opposition To UN Agenda 21 To The Next Level

We are excited to get the news the ‘One Bay Area Plan’, which we describe in much detail in previous posts over the past year, is now being legally challenged in the San Francisco region by an anti-UN Agenda 21 group. This is the next logical step as proponents of the One Bay Area Plan steamroll ahead with the plan regardless of fierce opposition. Perhaps with this legal challenge the proponents doing the bidding of UN Agenda 21 may finally stop in their tracks for a moment and realize this is not flash-in-the-pan opposition.
Read the comments from the law firm now representing the opposition to the One Bay Area Plan here:
As we have warned, similar plans are at lesser stages of development at the regional level in many parts of the Country. One region being all Counties and Cities under the jurisdiction of the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission (RVARC). An arm of the RVARC called The Partnership For a Livable Roanoke Valley is developing the Roanoke Livability Plan.
Most citizens in the Roanoke Valley region haven’t a clue what is eventually going to head their way in the months/year or so to come. We say stop the Roanoke Livability Plan  before its finalized and voted on by County/City Boards and Councils in the months/year ahead. Read more about the developing regional plan in our previous posts this past year.
Its time to get active in slowing/stopping this developing plan now while there is still time. Go to this Partnership For a Livable Roanoke Valley survey site. It only takes a minute to set up an account to be able to vote and comment.
Once you are in and can vote/comment, go to the specific survey titled, “Economic Development Goals”. Then go to the idea titled, “Discourage actions/ideas forwarding a UN Agenda in our region”. Vote “I love it”. Then start your own new idea.
After voting and commenting, go and read all comments made in previous surveys at the survey site. You won’t be able to comment on those since they are already closed.  The survey comments are very revealing.
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Green Really is the New Red!

Please heed this as it is VERY telling of where the US is it this particular time. Two years before the fall of the wall Mr. Gorbachev’s 1987 quoted, “Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Perestroika and democracy in the coming years. They are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal changes in the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.”
And this:
“As the Soviet collapse became imminent in the final years, the Communist strategy became to infiltrate global environmental organizations.  Gorbachev was active in this effort as early as 1990.”
UN Agenda 21 was born a short two years later. Puts in perspective that, “Green is the new red”!
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Let’s See If My Letter to the Editor Gets Published in the Roanoke Times

Here is the Roa Times Editorial Board opinion (Sunday):
and my request for a Letter to the Editor:
Dear Roanoke Times Editor,
Please publish this as a Letter to the Editor in response to Roanoke Times Editorial Boards “Forward, not far out, in Roanoke County” opinion dated May 5th 2013. Thank you:
The Roa Times Editorial Board sure is funny conjuring up UN helicopters! For those not familiar, Roanoke County decided to join ICLEI in 2007. At the time, little was known about the future downside of joining ICLEI. It was just some benign smart growth-green-chutes-to-save-the planet talk. It appeared to be a win-win for everybody. I suspect the entire Board (who voted unanimously to join) had no idea what UN Agenda 21 was. At the same time, I would bet the local chapter of the Sierra Club and their climate change arm, the Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition knew exactly what UN Agenda 21 was when at least one Roanoke County employee visited one of the Sierra Club meetings to learn about ICLEI. That same employee (well-known to the Board) would bring their new found planet-saving idea to the Board, which ate it up. The County obtained membership shortly thereafter. Everything was going as plan until 2011 when members of the newly formed Roanoke Tea Party (regular people with no former activism in politics)  started getting involved in local government doings. These Tea Party members got an understanding what really was going on in Roanoke County government. We found UN Agenda 21 language beginning to become partially incorporated into some of the County’s language and agendas. Does anyone in the County know what ICLEI CCP Milestone the County is currently on?  Do you know what the County’s RCCLEAR committee is and what they do to promote and grow UN Agenda 21 in the County? Ever heard of the Save-A-Ton campaign? If not, you should probably do some digging for some backstory. One of ICLEI’s tasks is to promote and grow this agenda in regions around the globe. Around 600 counties and cities in the US have joined over the 20 years since UN Agenda’s birth at the 1992 Earth Summit. Similar UN Agenda 21 language is finding its way into County/City comprehensive plans in those hundreds of localities. If you don’t know what UN Agenda 21 is and are concerned about property rights, personal liberty (when it comes to your energy use behaviour) and future transportation choices, you should probably research it. Because it is here now and is slowly being set up in Roa County and City in plain sight. It really all comes down to this: Do you believe man-made CO2 emissions are a major contributor to global warming? If you have bought into this theory, being presented as fact by global-warming alarmists, then ICLEI and this Agenda is for you. For everyone else who is skeptical (now known as climate-deniers) you need to be concerned. Educate yourself and those you care about concerning the agenda. Then do something to stop it before this International Agenda (with seemingly benign local tentacles) flips on the switch and finishes the job it set out to accomplish. Watch the demeaning attack comments that follow me in the next day or so. Choose the blue pill.
Bill Gregory
Roanoke Tea Party member contributor
Roanoke County resident since 1992
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