2013 Bike Virginia Tour

We believe this is a seemingly benign event is part of an agenda to call attention to man-made CO2 emissions being the cause of global warming:


Or, put another way, a way to help advance  pro-UN Agenda 21 force’s goal to transform new and existing automobile roads into roads that are required to have bike lanes. Think there isn’t an agenda? Look at a taste of your future new normal with VDOT and roads here: http://theroanokestar.com/?p=15712

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4 Responses to 2013 Bike Virginia Tour

  1. Stan Z says:

    BTW -
    Conspiracy theorists are so concerned about government (local, state, national, world) infringing on their rights but never once show any concern about the power over our daily lifes being ceded to corporations and businesses. I think your tag line should be “In Business We Trust” because there’s some misguided notion that the government is evil BUT a ‘for-profit’ business some how has your best interests at heart.

    • bill says:

      Stan, so-called “conspiracy theorists” (the demeaning term used for critical thinkers/skeptics who go against the popular consensus) on this particular issue have been put in a nice tidy and ignored box long enough. We aren’t going to be marginalized any longer when it comes to the Soverienty of the US. Yes, we in the United States do have rights that should not be infringed upon. Those rights should be defended at all cost. I know that we (virginiagreenmenace.com) are very concerned about power being ceded to corporations and businesses. We actually do have certain things in common with, let’s say, the Occupy movement on that issue. We just approach that issue very differently than the Occupy movement.

  2. bill says:


    Thanks for your comment. The past president of the Bicycle Tour Network is Jerry Norquist:


    Go to the first full paragraph on page 15 of 20 of this document (where the agenda was “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21):


    Name look familiar?

    Here is MAP-21:


    Here is MAP-21′s link to UN Agenda 21:


    The current President of the Bicycle Tour Network is Earl Grief who is with Ride Idaho.


    A MAP-21 related article is linked on that Ride Idaho’s Facebook page (posted Sept 25th).

  3. bill says:

    Lets have this dialogue……………First, I will have the webmaster look into the issue of our site currently not being able to post your posts. We do want this to be a place for constructive dialogue. Look for that change very shortly. I agree with you that cyclists should have a lobby. I enjoy riding bikes on my city’s greenways with my kids and the weekends, for example. My brother is an avid cyclist. I understand. However, we/I draw the line when we perceive traces of a radical leftist agenda beginning to be woven into the fabric of some cyclist lobbies interested in promoting the hobby/sport as a means to reduce man-made CO2 emissions as if it is a proven fact that man-made CO2 emissions are a primary cause for global warming. If that perception didn’t exist this would be a non-issue. However, we think it does. Thus, all of the links we provided for you.

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